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Care, Compassion and Commitment to Animals is our priority

Who we are

Chatopia (Formerly Animal Adoption Montreal) is a registered charitable organization based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). The Chatopia team is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming purebred cats in need. Working together with other likeminded organizations (animal welfare agencies, shelters, animal controls and vets), Chatopia strives to provide all the welfare needs of purebred cats.

Since December 2005, we have placed thousands of animals! In April 2008, we opened our amazing Adoption Center for cats called "Chatopia" that specializes in neglected, abandoned and abused purebred cats. Our amazing volunteers play an active role in rehabilitation while working to find the right forever home for each and every animal.

A unique environment

Our wonderful Chatopia center allows the cats to have freedom in a home-like environment (no cages), a place that is happy and bright. Our warm and friendly Chatopia setting certainly challenges current public perceptions of abandoned animals and the typical animal shelter!

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Please Share our Facebook posts and our website on your Facebook page and website. Arrange for a visit to the Chatopia center (our cats love the attention). You can become an active participant toward increasing public awareness that rescued animals can indeed become wonderful family pets!

We need you

We can only take in as many animals as can be supported by our resources: our funds, generous volunteers and loving donations. We often take in animals that require immediate veterinary care which results in very large hospital bills! The more you support Chatopia the more we can help!

We depend on your donations so that we may continue our ongoing efforts to put an end to homeless pets and to attend to the medical needs of each rescued animal. All of our animals our fully vaccinated and sterilized prior to adoption.

Our computer assistants hard a work. Apple, Houdini and Fuiji are still looking for homes! Please email us at; a am.mtl@gmail.com #savannahcat #catsofinstagram #highlandlynx #cats #catadoption

Posted by Animal Adoption Montreal and Chatopia on Monday, February 22, 2016

Meet Maggie Shuter

President and Founder of Chatopia

Maggie Shuter, born and bred in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has two humans that depend on her, over 35 volunteers that assist her and well over 15,000 animals she has rescued since 2005! A Graduate in Environmental studies and Field Biology, a feline behaviour consultant, President and founder of Chatopia (formerly Animal Adoption Montreal), shelter manager and animal welfare care manager, monitor for animal welfare and safety on film and media productions, actor, production coordinator, production assistant, shelter manager for mobile sterilization clinics within Quebec, veterinary assistant, logistics coordinator, volunteer manager, and certified in animal disaster. Over 10 years of working with animal control agencies, veterinarian's and shelters, offering advice for overcrowding, hoarding, animal seizures, private homes releases, strays and man made and natural animal emergency situations and providing medical rehabilitation and adoption. With more than 20 years of animal rescue techniques and accreditations she brings not only knowledge and expertise from past experiences but continuously updates her skills attending courses designed for animal welfare, sheltering and animal rescue response.

Dedication to promote, educate and provide for animals in need, Maggie is indeed, a passionate animal advocate. A professional actress and an accomplished athlete as an instructor, coach and examiner in downhill skiing, her talent teaching extends to her seminars on feline behaviour and enrichment in shelters, often held at the adoption center for purebred cats that opened in 2008. For more information please send an email to info @ chatopia.ca

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