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Become a Chatopia Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers who will help us with the feeding, watering, and cleaning the rooms and the equipment. The most important role of our volunteers is interacting with our cats. They've been rescued from abandonment and cruel treatment which has diminished their ability to trust humans. Allowing our cats to interact with new people in a positive way helps them relax and trust humans once again, so that one day they can be adopted into a new forever home.

We especially are looking for volunteers to help during the week as most of our current volunteers are students with jobs.

To apply, please complete our online application/questionnaire. Once we've had a chance to review your information, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Are you looking to adopt a Savannah? Do you have stairs? Houdini needs an ear operation and a home. Please email us for more information at; aam.mtl@gmail.com #cats #catsofinstagram #cataddict #catadoption #savannahcat #savannahcatsofinstagram

Posted by Animal Adoption Montreal and Chatopia on Saturday, January 9, 2016