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Le bien-être des chats assuré au Québec!

Article par Isabelle Hontebeyrie, Journal de Montréal, Samedi, 30 juillet 2016

Chat alors! Le tournage de la comédie Les neuf vies de M. Boule-de-poil s'est déroulé dans la Belle Province et, pour la première fois, une spécialiste montréalaise des félins a été embauchée pour surveiller les animaux pendant le tournage.

Dans Les neuf vies de M. Boule-de-poil, Tom (Kevin Spacey) est un homme ­d'affaires qui ne pense qu'au fric et à sa prochaine réalisation, la construction du gratte-ciel le plus haut au nord de l'Équateur. Il a toujours délaissé sa ­femme Lara (Jennifer Garner), son fils adulte David (Robbie Amell) et sa fille de 11 ans, Rebecca (Malina Weissman). Comme c'est l'anniversaire...

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Chatopia is a registered charitable pet rescue and adoption center located in Montreal.
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Chatopia specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of purebred cats and has assisted thousands of cats and dogs from Quebec that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and otherwise mistreated.
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Working within close proximity of the Montreal SPCA, no animal in need is turned away. (In some instances, we also handle purebred pet surrenders - interview and evaluation required).
By rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating these animals physically and behaviorally, Chatopia gives these animals a second chance eventually placing them into forever homes.
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Browse our site to view cats currently available for adoption. To start the adoption process, please complete our online Adoption Questionnaire. The Chatopia volunteer team will review your information and get back to you within 4-10 days (your patience is appreciated). Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet. Chatopia is dedicated to finding the best possible forever home for each of our fur friends!
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Urgent: We must raise $20,000 - please help!

May 4, 2016

We need your donations to help Chatopia raise $20,000 to cover medical and surgical bills from the 37 cats we rescued last July. Make your donation on our secure page at CanadaHelps.org - and thank you for helping Chatopia!

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Our Chatopia Center is a unique environment

Our wonderful Chatopia center allows the cats to have freedom in a home-like environment (no cages), a place that is happy and bright. Our warm and friendly Chatopia setting certainly challenges current public perceptions of abandoned animals and the typical animal shelter!

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Our Partners

Chatopia works with several other rescue organizations, SPCA's, Animal Control's, security, police, and animal cruelty inspectors to ensure that no animal is turned away, so while we do focus on purebred rescues, our neighbours gladly step in when needed. Our physical shelter is right next door to the Montreal SPCA.

The Montreal SPCA, as a large unlimited admission shelter, is able to save the number of lives that it does due its ability to place animals not only through our own programs but also through the important work of rescue organizations and other community partners. Working with rescue organizations is an essential part of shelter work and the Montreal SPCA appreciates the support and collaboration of rescue organizations that choose to work with us to help us achieve our mission.

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